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Random Youtube find:  in 1986, the city of Cleveland launched 1.5 MILLION balloons into the sky simultaneously, setting a world record.

You would NEVER see something like this happen today, as launching 1.5 million nonbiodegradable balloons into the atmosphere is so ridiculously terrible for the environment.  In fact, in various pictures of the event, you can actually see that hundreds of thousands of the balloons were deflated by stormy weather and landed in the lake (Lake Erie?) next to Cleveland.

So…yeah.  That’s not exactly good for the environment.  But the sheer spectacle of the event is truly amazing.  All of the balloons being released at the same time looks like a giant monster or creature slowly moving throughout downtown Cleveland.


Yo MTV Raps documentary

Cool documentary on Yo! MTV Raps.

Jordan Commercial

Really awesome Jordan commercial.  Fantastic copywriting in this.  Although I do think it would have been kind of cool if they would’ve shown a montage of low-lights and failures in Jordan’s career during the commercial (missing shots, getting shots blocked, walking off the court after a defeat, etc.), instead of showing highlights of him making shots and hitting game-winners.  Would’ve been a neat twist.