My novel

My first novel was recently published.  You should buy it, because owning it would make you cool.

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In 1982, there were 13,000 video game arcades in North America that generated over $8 billion in quarters, a figure higher than the combined revenue of the music ($4 billion) and film ($3 billion) industries that year.  By 2002, fewer than 500 arcades remained, and total revenue had dropped to less than $100 million.  THE FINAL DAY AT WESTFIELD ARCADE is a coming-of-age novel set against the backdrop of the astronomic rise and fall of the video game arcade industry.

It’s the final day of business at Westfield Arcade, the video game arcade where thirty-seven-year-old Mike Mayberry has worked since he was a teenager.  Mike spends his final day at Westfield Arcade taking a nostalgia-fueled journey back through the arcade’s glory years of the 1980s, the era when Pac Man ruled the world and every night at the arcade was an adventure.  He reflects on the endless memories he’s made and chronicles the ups and downs in his relationship with an unforgettable girl over those years.  As the final day of business at his beloved video game arcade comes to an emotional end, Mike contemplates a major decision for his post-arcade life, a decision that he hopes will once and for all answer the question of whether the girl who got away so many years ago truly did get away for good.


And here is a trailer for the novel:

3 responses

  1. […] Hunt (check out his blog) has written and published a very interesting novel, called The Final Day at Westfield Arcade, […]

  2. Andy –

    Your novel is amazing. I’ve read a lot of books about videogames both fiction and nonfiction and yours is the only one to truly capture the essence of just what an arcade was like in the 80s and
    90s. The book was a very emotional for me as it was remarkably similar to the Halcion days I experienced in my own local arcade (also long since closed) growing up. I also appreciated that there was more to the novel than just video games. Your characters were expertly crafted and developed and I thought it was brilliant to juxtapose real world difficulties, relationships and problems into the mix. Thank you for writing this book. My three children will never know the wonder of a 1980s and 90s arcade, but when they are old enough I will give them a copy of this book to read so maybe the might understand how this place helped form me into the man I am today.


    Eric Baur
    Owensboro, KY

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words, Eric. Glad you enjoyed it!

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